World Cup Fun Fact: SERBIA

Attention all adventure and mystery seekers! 

Djavolja varoš in Southern Serbia features 202 earth pyramids, each between 2–15 meters high and 4–6 meters wide. And this strange rock formation is created by strong erosion of the surrounding soil!

There are similar phenomena like this in the world but NONE this high and numerous! Djavolja varoš is proud to be a nominee in “The New Seven Wonders of Nature” campaign.

Its name (also known as Devil’s Town) came about because of the murmurs, howling and squeaking on windy nights which was believed that demons fight each other for power. Is this eerie enough for you not to visit? 

Hey if you are a braveheart, hikes are available. Also spas famous for their natural beauty and healing powers. Let’s go!

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